About Us

Thank you for visiting the Massage Envy Spa at Harbour View blog! Here at Massage Envy Harbour View we are focused and passionate about providing our clients with a world-class massage or a world-class Murad Signature Healthy Skin facial.

We offer full body, fully customized massages and facials. We start when booking your appointment, by finding out your basic need for massage, and matching each client with a massage therapist who will be the best fit. When a client comes in, our team of superb Wellness Consultants will work with each client during a consultation to customize the session based on pressure, desired area of focus, areas to stay away from, and answering any questions. Our great team of Certified Massage Therapists and Professional and Master Estheticians will also work with each client before and after each session to ensure the greatest experience possible, as well as, ensuring the best possible results and follow-up sessions.

Our owner, Dave Dequeljoe a former F-14 pilot who suffered severe back injuries after having to do an emergency ejection from his plane, decided to open our sister clinic Massage Envy Chesapeake after discovering what a medical miracle massage therapy was. Massage Envy Spa at Harbour View opened in 2009, and since we have grown to thrive through a positive, family atmosphere for our clients and our staff. Dave’s passionate three main goals for his clinics, as well as, life are simple: Be world-class and improving every day, be the person that everyone loves to know, or the clinic that everyone loves to come to, and everyone should leave happier and healthier than when they arrived. Here in Harbour View we embrace those goals, and live them everyday.

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