Carpe Diem!

Nothing goes further in the universe than energy. I received this email last month that I thought was worth the share. It is from Health Beat provided by Harvard Medical School (subscribe here: It is a great read with 3 simple tips to embrace the positive.

1. Express Gratitude. Being grateful, and expressing that gratitude allows an individual to connect with the goodness of the outside world. To find a lost hope in other people, nature, or a higher power. The suggestion is to set aside a preplanned amount of time each and every day to think about five things that we are thankful for. Keep a journal of the things you think of, and when you feel low, or are starting to feel anything less than your highest standard of happiness, pull it out and read it! A constant reminder of how awesome life is!

2. Leverage your strengths: “To reap the benefits of your strengths, you first need to know what they are.” A lot of our personal strengths go unnoticed by our own minds eye due to the natural ease of that action. However, certain strengths such as gratitude, hope, vitality, curiosity, and love are all linked to happiness! 

3. Savor the “good.”  this simply means: notice the everyday pleasures. Take a minute while you are at the stoplight and look at the clouds, appreciate the beauty of nature. Take a walk in the evening while the sun is setting and soak in the last of the day’s rays. If you decide to walk your dog on a local trail, don’t focus on what you need to get at the grocery store, instead turn your attention to your dog, throw a stick for them, let them bark at all the squirrels they want. Take your son to a baseball game and don’t get mad when he inevitably spills mustard on his white shirt. Savor the smiles, and save the memories.

{Health Beat; Harvard Medical School Feb 2013}

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