AromaTherapy is a good addition to any massage where the client needs a specific mental vacation. We offer 4 different essential oils for our clients to choose from, and the process is simple. Select one of the four oils, and we will add them to your massage lotion. Your therapist will allow you to inhale the scent through three deep breaths, before beginning the massage with the lotion.

~Aches & Pains~

“Promotes circulation, helps aid tissue recovery and decreases pain. Specifically designed to promote circulation, this warming blend of AromaTherapy includes clove, sweet birch, rosemary and cypress helps aid tissue recovery after physical exertion. Additionally, the unique combination of aromatics are traditionally used to decrease pain in muscles and joints. “ 

~Anxiety Release~

:Eases nervousness, irritability and apprehension. This relaxing blend promotes a sense of inner peace and harmony while easing nervousness, irritability, and apprehension. Known for their calming properties, lavender, chamomile and vetiver are combined with uplifting aromas of citrus and clary sage. The result of this AromaTherapy technique? Pure tranquility.”

~Lavender Gardens~

: “Reduces inflammation, calms the mind and promotes restful sleep. A foundation of patchouli, grapefruit and sweet orange help highlight two unique lavender oils. First, English true lavender is used to both reduce pain and inflammation, and act as a mild antidepressant and calming agent. Next, lavender helps support the respiratory system, aid in natural detoxification and promote restful sleep.”

~Mint & Rosemary~

: “Enlivens the body and mind by increasing circulation. Lively and fun, this AromaTherapy combination of mint oils spun with rosemary enlivens the mind and body. Peppermint is high in natural menthol, which aids in pain relief and cools the body while increasing circulation. Research shows that it also stimulates the area of the brain that releases noradrenalin, causing people in one study to perform tasks more effectively that required sustained attention.”



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