Adoption is pawsitively a good idea!

Studies Show that 39% of American households host a dog, and 33% a cat while 100% of loving petowners agree having a pet is both happy and healthy.

Christina Vanoverbeke shared in last summers ME Magazine a fun article explaining why this was:

1. “Whether it’s tossing the ball or trekking the park, pets get us to exercise more regularly says Richard Kelly, M.D. … Kelley went on to say that he see’s the most successful weightloss stories to include daily routines of exercise, not volume – consistency.”

2. ” Our pets can help lower some very important health stats – blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels! Just from hanging out with our pets (according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.”

3. ” Rose Guilbe from a New York medical center says that studies on the healing power of pet therapy have shown that pets have a positive impact on the emotional well-being of patients in hospitals, hospice, and other settings. Especially dogs, they have a special connection with us, sensing our spirit.”

4. “Dr. Kelley also said that caring for animals is what keeps us feeling young, needed, and that desire to be needed is what feeds the human spirit. The reliance on survival is a very powerful thing.”


{ME Magazine, summer 2012 ; Christina Vanoverbeke}

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